.bash_profile isn't evaluated when a command is executed

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.bash_profile isn't evaluated when a command is executed

Postby wandro » Fri Nov 16, 2007 10:26 pm

I have defined several aliases in my .bashrc / .bash_profile files (e.g. alias ll='ls -l'). But if I try to execute these using the command execution feature in the file menu of muCommander then the shell reports "unknown command". From this I conclude that .bash_profile isn't evaluated in this case. (In a terminal window it works, however.)

I have installed muCommander v.08 on an iMac under Mac OS X Leopard.

I haven't changed the default shell settings "/bin/sh -l -c", but the command "echo $SHELL" outputs "/bin/bash". The "sh" man pages say that /bin/sh uses .bashrc / .bash_profile.


OK, In the meantime I've found out that I must use .profile rather than .bash_profile.
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